Security Solutions

Get first strike visibility and deep security research expertise on global threats with enhanced security solutions.

Security Solutions

The integrated, intelligent approach to security that incorporates security analytics with external threat intelligence

Deep security research expertise and global threat intelligence at your fingertips.

IBM Security software provides an integrated, intelligent approach to security that incorporates security intelligence, analytics and external threat intelligence. It helps you build a strong security posture that can reduce costs, improve service and enable innovation.


The cybersecurity industry remains fragmented with some enterprises having as many as 85 tools from 45 different vendors. These siloed technologies often lack deep integration resulting in ineffective security. At the same time, hackers are increasingly launching sophisticated attacks that are not only hard to detect and block, but result in more security alerts than organisations can feasibly respond to with their limited time and resources.

IBM Security and Cisco Security have joined forces to breakdown these barriers and deliver more effective security. The partnership delivers end-to-end security via integrated solutions, managed services, and shared threat intelligence. Customers can more easily classify and prioritise threats, understand the full scope and veracity of an attack, and orchestrate incident response.

IBM / Cisco Partnership Vision:

  • The Cisco and IBM alliance is built on top of aligned technologies, market leadership, and business impact.
  • Cisco and IBM deliver billions in mutual business impact to over 25,000 joint customers
  • A joint portfolio of solutions and services that are validated, tested and jointly supported


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Provide near real-time visibility

Capture log event and network flow data in near real time and apply advanced analytics to reveal security offences.

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Reduce and prioritise alerts

Focus security analyst investigations on a short, manageable list of suspected, high probability incidents.

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Optimise threat detection

Sense and track significant security incidents and threats with supporting data and context for easier investigation. Create detailed data access and user activity reports.

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Easily manage compliance

Comply with internal organisational policies and external regulations by offering many customisable reports and templates.

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Automated IT risk management services

Automated IT risk management services to provide the guidance and support to select, integrate and automate multiple risk management programs.

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Protect and maintain what’s most important: your business and your clients.

Available on premises and in a cloud environment, this solution detects anomalies, uncovers advanced threats and removes false positives. It also consolidates log events and network flow data from thousands of devices, endpoints and applications distributed throughout a network.

Security intelligence and solutions that help to protect assets and information from advanced threats.

Integrate with an advanced Sense Analytics engine to normalise and correlate threat data and identify security offences requiring investigation – and incorporate threat Intelligence to including malware hosts, spam sources and other threats.