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VMware vCenter Server

Digital transformation—among other driving factors like mobile, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT)—is powering the rate of innovation. Firms want to capitalize quickly on opportunities where they can use cloud apps to increase revenues. They also realize they need to glean insights from data to improve the end user experience. This environment is pressuring the central IT organization to meet the ever-increasing demands of developers and lines of business quickly, while also maintaining control and minimizing risk.

Typically, from the time a line of business requests a service or application, the IT team needs weeks, or even months, to procure, architect, implement, deploy and test the needed VMware environment on premises. vCenter Server on the IBM Cloud can help cut that time to hours by enabling faster deployment and capacity expansion in the cloud. By capitalizing on the speed and scalability of cloud, IT teams can deliver new services to lines of business more quickly and drive company growth.

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