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In the world of sports, some teams dominate at home, making it nearly impossible for opponents to come into their house and beat them. And some teams are road warriors, able to travel into hostile stadiums and come away the victor.

Either of these are a great trait for any sports club to have. However, to be a champion, a team needs to be great everywhere, whether at home or away.

The same is true in IT infrastructures and data centers. Having a strong on-premise, or in-house, infrastructure can provide solid security, improved speed and increased piece of mind. And an extensive public cloud platform offers increased agility, flexibility and recovery capabilities.

But best of all, is an organization that can combine both. One that can have a strong on-premise infrastructure that is seamlessly integrated with the public cloud.

Through on-premise virtualization infrastructures, businesses gain a number of benefits in ease of management, improved ability to provide services and applications to the business, and increased security. Additionally, with public cloud, organizations gain fast service deployment capabilities, reduced infrastructure costs, unlimited flexibility, and the ability to grow capacity as needed with the click of a button.

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