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IBM Planning Analytics Data Sheet

IBM Planning Analytics is a fast, easy, flexible and complete planning and analytics solution that can be deployed in cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments. It helps Finance organisations drive greater process efficiency and deliver the foresight needed to steer business performance.

This solution not only automates manual tasks, but takes you beyond automation to help you uncover new insights directly from your data. IBM Planning Analytics helps bring the office of finance into the cognitive era by allowing users to interact with data and analytics the way the human mind works: to communicate with compelling visualisations, make fast predictions based on evolving trends, perform in-depth, what-if analysis to test alternative assumptions, and, finally, to create timely, reliable plans that put insight into action. It speeds decision making and improves decision quality.

This data sheets highlights how IBM Planning Analytics can:

  • Automate manual, spreadsheet-based planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis
  • Link operational tactics to financial plans, synthesises information, infers trends and delivers insights through compelling visualisations in a dynamic, self-service workspace
  • Uncover predictive insights automatically – directly from internal or external data
  • Enable in-depth profitability and what-if analysis
  • Retain the familiar Microsoft Excel interface where needed to accelerate adoption
  • Support cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployment options

Download the data sheet to get the full story on IBM Planning Analytics.


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