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Defining the New Business Intelligence: Visual, Immediate and Cognitive

Frost & Sullivan Report:

It is clear that traditional approaches to business intelligence are not resonating. More than half of those surveyed in this report identify visualization as one of the most important benefits of effective business intelligence solutions. Most of these decision makers would prefer BI that ‘smarts’ with self-service, rather than be always dependent upon business analysts.

Traditional data discovery tools have responded to the business users need for fast analytics with great visuals; but they lack the capability to address enterprise governance and scalability requirements. A ‘modern BI’ platform addresses this need for guided and intuitive self-service, as well as mission-critical reporting based on curated data. Ensuring smarter self-service capabilities depends on establishing a trusted set of data sources—a task that is not easy to accomplish.

What is needed is a new approach that addresses the need of business for a powerful graphic visualization-driven BI solution; one that enables flexible, cost-effective data curation and management, and that provides a guided and intuitive interface that facilitates a smart self-service environment.

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