Cloud Solutions

Private cloud solutions that give your organisation greater control, increased performance, predictable costs, tighter security and flexible management options.

Cloud Solutions

Rapidly adopt cloud capabilities while controlling security, compliance and performance.

IBM Cloud Private helps enterprise IT rapidly adopt cloud capabilities while having control to manage security, compliance, performance, and cost efficiency.

  • Protect investments and reuse skills with infrastructure choices
  • Deploy apps in minutes or hours versus days for developers
  • Flexibility with open community-based platform choices like containers, Kubernetes, and Cloud Foundry
  • Ease of use with on-premises and public cloud integrated services
  • Reduce risk with enterprise-grade software and data platforms
  • Integrate provisioning and governance of multi-cloud infrastructures and applications

Develop and deploy cloud-native apps with IBM Cloud Private Cloud Native

Enterprises all over the world are undergoing business transformation. For years, they have invested heavily in on-premises IT deployments and mission-essential business applications that are critical today and will remain critical well into the future. They also have the need to build net-new applications in an agile fashion with modern resilient architectures to meet changing business demands.

Enterprises now have the ability to run applications that are architected in varying models and use varying application services both on-premises and across multiple clouds.

Help drive more value and modernise existing middleware investments

Private cloud, in conjunction with IBM’s public cloud, enables developers to innovate faster, on modern architectures and leverage new cloud services, while optimising costs through consistent enterprise management and security tools.

IBM Cloud Private Cloud Native helps enterprises transform by providing the tools to develop new cloud-native applications and modernise existing architectures and processes.

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Create new cloud-native apps

Streamline development with built-in microservices, runtimes, containers and Kubernetes orchestration plus integrated management.

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Modernise your legacy apps on cloud

Move your apps as-is to the cloud or re-factor an app and use it in new development and application workload models.

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Open your data center to work with cloud services

Protect and leverage your in-house data and pull in external sources to fuel your apps.

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Making the Most of Multi-Cloud

Moe Abdula and Dave Bartoletti discuss what you need to get the most out of your workloads in a cloud-enabled world.

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Public and Private Cloud Strategy in a Multi-Cloud World

Bala Rajaraman and Dave Bartoletti share ideas about innovating in a multi-cloud world and making the most of both public and private cloud.

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Get the speed of public with the control of private.

When you need that extra attention to security, speed and control, empower your teams with IBM Cloud Private (IPC), a transformative platform for building cloud-native applications or modernising existing ones in days or hours, not weeks or months.

Fast. Flexible. Enterprise-Ready Private Cloud.

A pre-packaged enterprise-class solution, ICP delivers a single platform located behind your firewall. You can leverage your on-premises software portfolio or easily integrate next-generation data and software optimised for cloud. Built on open source frameworks, ICP offers flexibility, control, security and easy integration with public cloud.