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Private Vs. Public Cloud

Deciding which cloud hosting solution is right for your business can be a challenging task.

Date: 24 April, 2018

Deciding which cloud hosting solution is right for your business can be a challenging task. You may be wondering what type of cloud infrastructure should I consider? Public or Private or a combination of both?

For some companies, opting for both public and private cloud solutions can be the best option for their business needs.  Companies operating in heavily regulated industries such as finance and healthcare migrate sensitive data onto the private cloud, while running applications with less sensitive data on public cloud platforms.

IBM Cloud Private supports businesses to adopt cloud capabilities while also having full control over security management, compliance, performance, and cost efficiency. Private cloud, in conjunction with IBM’s public cloud, enables developers to innovate on modern architectures and to leverage new cloud services. It also helps optimise costs through consistent enterprise management and security tools.

Below is a brief overview of the key difference between public and private cloud.

Public cloud offers shared computing, storage and networking resources and is scalable to demand. Shared resources can be consumed irrespective of location and delivers high value return. However, because physical resources are shared, it serves as a multi-tenant environment, so your server shares the same hardware, storage and network devices as the other tenants in the public cloud

  • Suitable for companies concerned with scalability and affordability but not heavily concerned with data security.

Private cloud offers all the benefits of public cloud, including rapid deployment and scalability, plus ease of use and elasticity. However, private cloud gives businesses greater control and security over sensitive data. It allows companies to customise their environments according to their own unique business needs and based on their own security requirements.

  • Suitable for companies in highly regulated industries that require tighter security, greater control and increased performance.

IBM’s Private cloud solutions gives your organisation enhanced control, increased performance, predictable costs, stronger security and flexible management options. Find out more about IBM’s Enterprise Cloud solutions – https://enterprise-software.co.uk/cloud-solutions/rapidly-adopt-cloud-capabilities-while-controlling-security-compliance-and-performance/