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IBM Cloud Private has gone from strength to strength

Since it’s release in 2017, IBM Cloud Private has gone from strength to strength in the enterprise cloud market and for very good reason.  Organisations across the globe are modernising legacy applications and gaining a powerful competitive advantage by introducing new digital services for their customers, while supporting the phenomenal growth of mobile transactions. 

Date: 20 September, 2018

Digital Transformation
The digital revolution challenges businesses as to how fast and how far they can travel on the path to digital transformation. Digital devices are a global mainstream and digital devices are used as part of our everyday life. Additionally, customer expectations have never been so high and they demand quick access, value with a reliable, secure service provider.

Cloud Accessibility
IBM Cloud Private is not only accessible to large multinational companies but also for small to medium businesses. Adoption of the platform provides organisations with outstanding flexibility and control in a secure environment. The use of cloud-native applications with Kubernetes and Container capabilities means that businesses can place greater focus on running their businesses operations, while leaving the management of their cloud to IBM.

Digital Services
The financial sector has embraced IBM Cloud Private with both hands. Enhancing customer experience and providing value to their customers is a critical strategic business requirement. IBM Cloud Private has helped financial institutes accelerate their digital services by enabling employees deal with customer queries more rapidly and providing mobile microservices such as banking intelligence and account balances to mobile devices.

A digital strategy through IBM Cloud Private gives you the support your business needs to succeed and grow. Our expertise help you to developed new innovative ways to engage with your customers, employees, suppliers and partners.

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