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Transform your business with IBM Cloud Private Hosted

Is your data centre infrastructure ageing and in need of a refresh? Are your business applications in need of rapid modernisation to keep you competitive? The modern data centre is always evolving, making it extremely difficult on businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. IT Managers will know how frustrating it can be when you are working to maintain a data centre to ensure the business is running at optimum capacity. Which one do you attend to first? IBM Cloud Private and IBM’s Cloud infrastructure offerings could be the solution to both these challenges.

Date: 25 September, 2018

With the most valued data in your business sitting behind your organisation’s firewall, coupled with increasing data regulation and compliance in many industries, moving core applications to a public cloud-native platform as part of an application modernisation exercise may seem a tad daunting, perhaps near impossible. IBM Cloud Private offers organisations the speed and agility of a cloud-native, Kubernetes managed platform but with the ability to run and manage in the security and isolation of a data centre of your choosing. You will have the speed and agility all while maintaining the management of your infrastructure and all while integrating cloud-native apps.

Overtime though, infrastructure will begin to show its age which will create more problems for IT departments. With IBM’s public infrastructure cloud IaaS, your business can avoid large investments in purchasing new technology to keep up to date. When combined with IBM Cloud, your business can combat the issue of infrastructure and application modernisation.

With IBM’s IaaS, you have the ability to easily deploy your date center into the cloud with the knowledge that you will receive uninterrupted communication between your servers, with direct access to all technical support resources at no extra cost. IBM have made it possible for you to join your infrastructure and applications into one solution, IBM Cloud Private Hosted.

IBM Cloud Private Hosted helps enterprises transform their IT environment and keep up to date with the latest in infrastructure and applications.

For more information regarding IBM Cloud Private Hosted, download our solution brief.