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How to Reduce Inaccuracies using IBM Office of Finance

Volatility, risk and uncertainty have been on the rise for years, and they’ll likely continue to grow over the coming years.

Date: 24 April, 2018

Volatility, risk and uncertainty have been on the rise for years, and they’ll likely continue to grow over the coming years. Most finance teams still dedicate a lot of time in manual, spreadsheet-based processes – gathering, consolidating and validating data. As a result, these teams often deliver the required plans, budgets, forecasts, reports and value-added analysis in a timely manner.


In response, leading CFOs and finance departments are searching for faster and more flexible solutions to help them provide greater insights and stronger foresight to drive business performance more productively. In many cases, nonetheless, they believe that they need to compromise between the simplicity of use and quick deployment of a cloud solution and the powerful, flexible, analytic capabilities that’s traditionally available only in on-premises solutions. However, they don’t have to compromise.


IBM Planning Analytics is a simple, fast, flexible and complete planning and analytics solution that can be implemented in cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments. It helps finance organisations steer greater process efficiency and provide the foresight that’s required to drive business performance. Now this solution won’t just automate your manual tasks, but it’ll also take you beyond automation to help discover new insights directly from your data.


The solution helps bring the office of finance into the cognitive era by enabling users to interact with data and analytics the way the human brain works: to communicate with compelling virtualisations, make quick predictions based on emerging trends, carry out in-depth, what-if analysis to test alternative assumptions, and finally, to generate timely and reliable plans that put insight into action. It speeds up the decision-making process and enhances decision quality.


Here are some of the benefits you can avail of IBM Planning Analytics:

  • Speed: Start quickly and grow your deployment wherever required, automating plans, analyses and reports to drive efficiency.
  • Agility: Adapt plans, budgets and forecast to ever-changing business conditions. Then align financial plans with corporate objectives, linked to operational tactics and market events.
  • Foresight: Explore and visualise insight from internal and external data, understand what’s driving your business, and then incorporate those insights into plans that anticipate the future with confidence.


IBM Planning Analytics delivers data-driven insights that help business work smarter and outperform their peers. Want to find out more? Read our solution brief today: https://enterprise-software.co.uk/resources/ibm-planning-analytics-data-sheet/