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Accelerate & Reinvent Telecom Digital Transformation Process

So, how can IBM’s RETAIN service for the Telecom industry help CSPs accelerate the Telecom digital transformation?
By: Pam Stanford

Date: 19 March, 2018

So, how can IBM’s RETAIN service for the Telecom industry  help CSPs accelerate the Telecom digital transformation? Major trends across the Telecom industry are forcing the transformation of business and operating models.

IBM's RETAIN service for the Telecom industry


Market demands are driving three corresponding imperatives in Telecom Industry:

IBM's RETAIN service for the Telecom industry

1. Accelerate Digital Transformation

As consumers are increasingly becoming digitally empowered using mobile devices over their networks, communication service providers (CSPs) must adapt quickly to a changing landscape. This places them in a prime spot to provide digital information and services.

IBM's RETAIN Service for Telecom

In a fully connected, mobile and digital world, consumers expect a multichannel experience that is consistent across any device and network they are using, and this in turn has redefined the “traditional” relationship between consumer, brand and service. This paradigm shift has forced CSPs to re-evaluate their position and transform their businesses into ones that can sell an array of interactive services and experiences direct from the consumer’s device, in an instant

2. Create Infrastructure Agility

Convergence of network and IT are simplifying and re-focusing the industry. To respond quickly, CSPs are shifting more of their infrastructure to cloud to gain both agility and OPEX benefits.   IBM’s cloud based offerings for Telco are designed to deliver a set of consumable outcomes for clients without the pain of integration and deep organizational transformation and have in common:

– Analytics driven insights

– Cloud based technologies

– People expertise

The IBM RETAIN solution, engineered to reduce churn, is delivered via IBM’s Cloud Business Solution construct, meaning fast execution, lower total cost of ownership and rapid setup and start of services. The IBM team will first understand the requirements, then set up the appropriate processes and technologies to support the marketing requirements, execute and scale up with proven best practices to accelerate benefit realization.

The agile cloud based infrastructure better positions both the network and the business to meet changing demands. This approach positions the CSP to offer new services at higher margins, reduce OPEX, and provide a business infrastructure strengthens competitive positioning in a converging marketplace. Potential benefits include cost reduction, improved efficiency, faster time to market, and new business models.

Customer retention strategy is an iterative process.

Customer retention is an iterative process, starting with capturing data, tracking performance, planning the offers across the customer lifecycle by building customer intelligence & engagement models, predicting behavior and taking action. The IBM RETAIN cloud based service for Telcos applies predictive models to drive retention and make the ‘next best offer’ to keep the subscriber from defecting to a competitor or churning to a lower value package.

The IBM team has experience working with CSP marketing teams to apply analytics that deliver results:

 IBM's RETAIN Service for Telecom

3. Achieve Enterprise Excellence

Achieving enterprise excellence requires benchmarking operations against best of breed and closing the gaps to meet those standards. IBM’s Cloud Business Solutions for Telco incorporates the IBM Enterprise Process Improvement Continuum (EPIC) which includes process maturity techniques, continuous improvement and strong talent. When it comes to end-to-end process simplification, IBM has a global framework based on 15 key processes. These frameworks, supported with advanced analytics, help us to understand the client challenges, resolve complexities and focus on outcomes. Building on this foundation, we help organizations transform – creating the roadmap, aligning the stakeholders, applying our models around global shared services, outsourcing, and even build-operate-transfer models.

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Get in touch with Pam Stanford, IBM GPS Managed Marketing Services Leader, to learn how IBM’s Retain Service for Telecom provides comprehensive customer analytics, campaign execution and reporting to help CSP marketing executives focus on their strategies to retain customers and increase revenues while IBM takes care of the technologies and execution. Visit us to learn more.