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Business Analytics

Automate your planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes.

Access all your data, and integrate financial results and analysis with operational plans for faster execution.

With a dynamic planning and analytics workspace, you can model information and gain insights, communicate using compelling visualisations, make predictions and perform what-if analysis to test alternative assumptions.

Utimately, you can create timely, reliable plans to put insight into action.

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Security Solutions

Deep security research expertise and global threat intelligence at your fingertips.

Security professionals monitor and analyse security issues from a variety of sources, providing threat intelligence content as the foundation of the most up to date security portfolio.

The solutions help you better understand the latest security risks, and stay ahead of emerging threats.

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Cloud Solutions

Rapidly adopt cloud capabilities while controlling security, compliance and performance.

Private cloud solutions that help you innovate faster, on modern architectures while leveraging new cloud services.

These solutions help you transform your enterprise by providing the tools to develop new cloud-native applications and modernise existing architectures and processes.

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Cloud Platforms

Hybrid cloud made easy

With 60+ IBM Cloud data centers across the globe, you can provision cloud resources where – and when – you need them.

Additionally, IBM has more than 4,000 experts across private and public cloud to help you take advantage of hybrid cloud for business growth.

You can also own your unique insights on a cloud built for business by using AI with Watson on IBM Cloud, built with some of the world’s largest usable data sets.

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